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Landing in Japan, it’s raining .. but not cold.

(Photo… Airport Osaka)

I follow the „herd“ to find out and check out.. and it was a good plan :D
They checked body temperatur again chinese flue and you have to fill out strange questions…. sureee when i will take any illegal to japan, i tell it to you mister policemen XD anyway … checkout was easy and come in to japan too, they only have take fingerprint and photo.


Direct from airport i drive with train, people very friendly and have help me to fin the right one :)
arrive in kyoto i have search me a taxi, and the taxi driver was sooo friendly, he have call house tani and want to give me umbrella while it was raining :)
ah and he have give me his number to call him when i need help or go lose :)



here it is my basiccamp and home for next two weeks :) miss tani is very very friendly old women :) for first she have give me welcome tea :)
i feel like at home here :) ah and it’s a very very quiet place (without the crying and fighting cats XD)

more soon :)


ok, here come my late report about the fly.

Fly from munich to amsterdam was crazy… very old and small plane (see photo) it was dameged in my eyes and we got some turbolenz over amsterdam so it have make a lud noise oO i was happy to be back to mother earth.

dameged plane

ok.. down on airport amsterdam… hm very old one, it smells a bit strong there, like in a old train. :D
but when not have stand long time there it is ok… for 6 houres it was a bit hard, i think i do now smell like a old train too :D looking forward to next shower in my guesthouse :)


after long long waiting .. the time is here i can go on the plane to osaka.


WOW big maschine and very confortable, and we have for two persons 3 seats so we have space enough, by my side do sit a hm maybe a younger japanese, but i think he life in europ, anyway :) this big plane is realy great :) WITHOUT THE FOOD! i have never and i mean realy never eat so hmm i will not call it food XD the maindinner was eatable… thats all, the salad oO had fish, what was smell very strong and the desert was ok. anyway :D with shnaps it was well soon XD
now it is 1:08 in japan and i think i go sleep soon… 7 houres left and than i come out from this „can“ XD and have earth under my foods again…

oh and i have tell now many bad things… nono not all was bad :) the look out from window was fantastic :)



this was first flypart … more after my sleeping time :)

2:20 am…. breakfast done and last cigaret… than we drive to airport.
i am stil nervouse XD and send you all many greetings :)

…. airport munich.. raining and wait for plane XD

ok, after the testhiking yesterday i think it will be better to start a bit more slow…..
to start to hiking after long time less moving with 18-20kg backpack is maybe a bit too much, no it will be posible, but i will have fun and not make highperformence sport XD
so i take a bit more with me and search me a nice basiccamp and make daytours from there by hiuking or bike with less packet :)….. and when i go hiking much this year, next year i will be posible to do a more longer tour :)

and now i have my laptop by me too, so it is more easy to post here :))))) guest house have internet but no wifi :) but with laptop it work, so in second week i can post every day \o/

***edit and i think my small backpack is not make for this wight…. all under 10kg you do not feel, but all what go over it is ah posible, but not confortable.

Ok, two days left bevore i fly to japan.
Most things are allready in my backpack.
i am nervouse like a oposum (don’t ask me why oposum XD)
i have a bit fear about the long fly, hope my back will not go dameged by that :(
but looking forward to see this complete other world and meet some people and see nature and culture :)

at moment i do not know how often i can make report at the time i stay in japan, but i will do so often it is posible, and all what i miss to post i will post when i am back to good old germany.

so now bath and than last work day :)
Today in evening i will go with friends for last bavarian dinner in traditionell restaurant :=)

so looking forward :)