Hello :)

i started to make Textures for Inworldz and Secondlife

In Inworldz you allready can buy this Textures in my Shop:

In Secondlife no shop just now, there will be one in future, but if you need, just call me (schen resident)

Here you can see some of my Textures:



big stone brickwall 001

OD-X Bricks 001

OD-X old brick wall 004

OD-X old brick wall 005

OD-X old brick wall 006

OD-X old brick wall 007

OD-X old brick wall 008

old brick castle wall 001

old brick wall 002

old brick wall 003

old brick wall


big stone wall 001

big stone wall 002

big stone wall 003

OD-X big stone wall 004

OD-X big stone wall 005 - small

OD-X big stone wall 006

OD-X Castle stone wall 001 Alpha

OD-X stonewall 006

OD-X stonewall 007

OD-X stonewall 008

OD-X stonewall 009

OD-X stonewall 010

OD-X stonewall 011

OD-X stonewall 012

stone wall 001

stonewall - small 001

stonewall 003

stonewall 004

stonewall 005

Colored walls:

colored wall 001

colored wall 002

colored wall 003

colored wall 004

colored wall 005

colored wall 006

colored wall 007

colored wall 008


OD-X colored wall 009

OD-X old wall colored 002

OD-X old wall colored 003

old wall colored 001

Other Walls:

japanese old wall

OD-X modern JP Tile wall - red

OD-X modern JP Tile wall

OD-X schiferwand 002


Misc Textures

OD-X blueberry 001

OD-X chilli con carne hot

OD-X cowberry 001